Is Parenting the “most complicated Job” in the world

“Sign of Great Parenting is the Parent’s Behavior rather than Child’s Behavior” From Old Times, Parenting is the much important for child’s growth and Behavior. As per Diana Baumrind , 4 types of Parenting is there named Authoritarian or Disciplinarian, Authoritative, Permissive or Indulgent and Neglectful Parenting. These four parenting styles consists the full parenting […]

Autism: A Difference & Not a Disorder

“Autism is the next Level of Intelligence” Autism is a rare term and many of us have heard about it but must not have know its meaning and causes. As per recent researches, autism is correlated with mental abilities. As a result many of us think its a mental disorder. But its not like that. […]

Yoga Importance: Saviour of Modern Busy Life

“Today’s Busy Life really need to know the Yoga Importance” Yoga is the one which is most important in today’s busy life and hectic schedule. Yoga is formation of physical, mental and inner peace hence, it affects our body, mind and soul in a good way. As per research, 90% of people are suffering from […]


“Use of Everything beyond its Limits is Dangerous: Be it Adults or Teens/Kids”, Same is with Screen time” As per research, most of the parents are afraid for their kids because of use of technology and increased screen time by the kids. Many child specialists records the cases of kids depression because of use of […]

India’s heat wave

“Indian Summer: Going to be Long Lasting This Year” Hot Topic of today is India’s Heat Wave, therefore India is going through an extreme heat waves this summer. many records are broken . Mostly in every state summer has crossed it limits, as a result new records of Highest Temperature are recorded in every state. […]

Web Development

“Design itself a dream but it turns into reality if performed and managed properly and with accuracy with Web Development.” Web Development is worthy only if you make it Cost effective and as per Quality Standards That’s what its Do. It brings the dream design of yours to reality and that too with functionality and […]