Autism: A Difference & Not a Disorder

Autism a Difference

“Autism is the next Level of Intelligence”

Autism is a rare term and many of us have heard about it but must not have know its meaning and causes. As per recent researches, autism is correlated with mental abilities. As a result many of us think its a mental disorder. But its not like that. Let’s talk it in detail below.

Autistic kids and adults have difficulties commonly in social interactions, communication and restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs are usually noticed within first 3 years of their child’s life. But the main problem most of the parents do is they think their child is suffering from a disorder and treat them like any patient. Hence, that’s the main mistake they do.

According to me, Children having Autism should be handled as normal kids just with extra care. They have problems in interacting, communicating and have repetitive behavior but we should be with them and help them to cure these problems slowly with time. Many of these children have cured from this and some are having it for their whole life but with better living standards.

Its not fully known by which causes it occur, but as per research, some causes are found and they are listed below:

  • having an immediate family member with autism
  • genetic mutations
  • being born to older parents
  • metabolic imbalances
  • fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders
  • low birth weight
  • a history of viral infections
  • exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • fetal exposure to the medications valproic acid (Depakene) or thalidomide (Thalomid)

Characteristics Of Autism

Social Development:

As we studied above, autistic children are less developed in social point of view. People with Autism, be it children or adults, have lack of social intuition about others. In simple words, they don’t respond to anyone’s smile, any gesture of others and most commonly they don’t respond to their name as well.

They don’t even look at others means they don’t do eye-contact with others. They can’t express themselves and don’t have ability to use simple movements, such as pointing at things. Although, its seen in most cases that they do form attachments with their close ones which take care of them and spend time with them.

All these problems leads to loneliness, they maintains a invisible wall qround them which makes them alone. As a result, to cure their autism becomes difficult. It gets on increasing step by step and many of them leads aggression, destruction of property and in some rare cases, meltdowns as well which means they start harming themselves.

So its most important to spend time with them and teach them to use simple movements to express themselves. Start teaching them by playing simple games with them. Calling them with their name. Taking them for some therapies which are provided for these cases.

Curing Autism

All this will help them to cure or to live a better life.


Most Autistic people have not enough developed communicating skills. As a result, in first year their may be delayed babbling, less responsiveness, and not synchronized vocal patterns with their parents and close ones. Communicating skills are needed to meet their daily needs.

In second and third years they have less frequent babbling, less words and less gestures as the other kids have in this age. Kids & Adults having autism don’t usually share any experiences or request anything. They mostly have problem in focusing on one thing or point at particular thing.

But in a report, many cases have found that these people mostly have more IQ level then other individuals. They can spontaneously be more knowledgeable or intelligent. For example, in spelling or vocabulary or sometimes in Mathematics quizzes.

So, do play with them to make them more intelligent. making them to use their gestures to express themselves.

Repetitive Behavior:

Another symptom or characteristics of being Autistic is having restricted or repetitive behavior. The following points defines this in brief:

  • Sameness: They are resistance to change, in other words they don’t like the things to be changed around them. It should be same as they always be.
A young boy with autism who has arranged his toys in a row
  • Stereotyped Behavior: Many of them do repetitive moments, like head rolling, hand flapping or body shaking etc.
  • Ritualistic Behavior: Its similar to sameness, it includes same pattern of daily activities or dressing manner. They resist to wear ritual dresses and mostly wear the daily wear.
  • Compulsive Behavior: Means Time consuming tasks, they take much more time in performing simple activities then others. For example, hand washing, placing things in place or checking things.
  • Restricted Interests: Interests that are abnormal in reality or focus, in other words, preoccupied with same toy, game or television program.
  • Self Injury: Activities such as skin picking, head banging, nail or hand biting or eye poking.

Its not that these behaviors occur in autism only but autism have these patterns , occurrence or severity of behaviors as seen in recent researches. So, we should be with them and help them not to reach to these behaviors on extreme levels.

Autism Diagnosis

Diagnosis of autism depends on behavior the autistic is having rather than the causes and mechanism.

Several diagnostic tools are present. Most commonly the following two are used:

More more detailed Diagnosis theory you guys can visit the google or Wikipedia for accurate medication.


As to conclude, we should deal with them as their friends. Make them feel like any other normal children. Be with them most of the time so that they can’t harm themselves. Teach them simple moments. Teach them to live life to fullest.

Main point is we should take them as special person or gift of God. Rather than taking them disable person. Be Happy Keep them Happy.

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