India’s heat wave

Hot Weather

“Indian Summer: Going to be Long Lasting This Year”

Hot Topic of today is India’s Heat Wave, therefore India is going through an extreme heat waves this summer. many records are broken .

Mostly in every state summer has crossed it limits, as a result new records of Highest Temperature are recorded in every state.

All Media channels are running the news of Heat Strokes in different states. And the damages caused to human life’s and nature.

Do’s & Don’ts: To Survive in This Heat Wave


  • Use Sunscreen before going Out.
  • Always Keep Water Bottle with You if Outdoors.
  • Eat small, light and frequent meals on intervals.
  • Spend Time with your Family Indoors.
  • Wear Light Color, Cotton and Summer preferred Clothes. (For instance, pictures given below)

Perfect Wear for Boys in Summer Light Shades for Summer Summer Combo


  • Try to avoid being Outdoors During Day time.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Don’t wear synthetics.
  • Stay away from alcohol and fizzy drinks, as they can dehydrate you even more!
  • Don’t leave infants and pets in the car with the windows closed, while you shop.

So, Follow all the above Do’s & Don’ts to survive this India’s Heat Wave.

Summer is the most favorite season for kids, because in summers only they get approx 2 months vacation from school. But, this year all plans of children are spoiled because of extreme heat waves.

But, tell your kids not be upset there are many other things that they can do. Likewise,

  • Baking cookies
  • Make photo collage or Family Year book
  • Clean Up Trash to make their surroundings clean
  • Learn & Practice Origami Skills
  • Plant a Garden
  • Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them.
  • and go on there are many things to do indoors and enjoy!!

Do spend time with your kids so that they don’t feel bored in this summer vacation. Enjoy the season.

As to Conclude, enjoy the healthier summer with your family and friends. just do remember to follow all the tips we mentioned above and you will be safe from Heat waves.

Happy Summer!!

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