Is Parenting the “most complicated Job” in the world


“Sign of Great Parenting is the Parent’s Behavior rather than Child’s Behavior”

From Old Times, Parenting is the much important for child’s growth and Behavior. As per Diana Baumrind , 4 types of Parenting is there named Authoritarian or Disciplinarian, Authoritative, Permissive or Indulgent and Neglectful Parenting.

These four parenting styles consists the full parenting behavior, and how every parent deal with their kids and how they grow their kids. Mostly you will find your style from any of these ones. So these are explained in detail below.

Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Style

In Authoritarian parenting, parents make strict rules and don’t allow their children to make decision for themselves. Its like old schools which were having strict rules, High Expectation and punishments for children. Similarly, Parents in this style make rules and punishments for their children. Hence, they are like “Follow these rules no matter what”.

In this style, children mostly be like they follow the rules and behave like as they are taught till the parents are in front of them. After they go from their room they feel like they have got freedom and rebel or find someone else who can

As a result, children raised through this style have likely:

  • Self esteem issues
  • Follower mentality or in simple words they can’t take decision for themselves alone
  • Rely on others to know their value or worth
  • Can’t distinguish between wrong and right on their own
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • In rare cases,most of them leads to Drugs and Alcohol

Permissive Style

In Permissive Style, Parents make very few rules for their children and completes every demand of them. Hence, in this of parenting kids enjoy full freedom and sometimes its used wrongly as well. In other words, Parents become friends of their kids instead of being in leadership role.

Because of this lenient behavior, children get to know that their every demand and needs will be completed by their parents. In simple words, they are like “No or Few rules, and Fulfilling every need”.

As a result, children raised through this style have likely:

  • Poor Social Skills
  • More Problems in relationships
  • Egocentric or Egoistic
  • Becomes disobedient
  • Becomes uncooperative when their needs are not fulfilled
  • Can’t face challenges and problems
  • Hence in rare cases,most of them leads to Drugs and Alcohol

Authoritative Style

As per the research, Authoritative Parenting is the best parenting style from all the 4 styles. In other words, Parents are CEO’s of children but in a friendly way, they set rules and limits but are also responsive to their needs and demands. Its considered the Gold Standard style from all. Its Like “Best Rules Needed and Freedom given as per required”

Hence, parents give full freedom to take their decisions and learn from mistakes but with the required guidance and rules. And they are punished as well if they break any rule or commits any wrong thing.

As a result, children raised through this style have likely:

  • Good Academic Performance
  • Becomes Confident
  • Becomes Independent
  • Good Social Skills
  • Less Mental Stress
  • Better Self Esteem
  • Less Violent Activities
  • Be Happy Most of the time
  • Can tackle problems easily
  • No of chances of being indulging in bad habits
Playing the role of friend of child - Authorative Parenting

Neglectful Style

Neglectful Parenting is the last and not recommended by the researchers. In this style parents don’t set any rules and don’t respond to needs and demands of their children. These types of parents have some problems with themselves like mental illness, abuse, child neglect in their childhood. “No Rules, No Responsiveness”

Hence, this type of parenting is very dangerous of kids. Parents do not listen to their kids needs and don’t get involved in their lives. So, these types of children has to be raised by themselves. This style was not in Baumrind Original Styles, it was introduced in 1983, by Eleanor Maccoby.

As a result, children raised through this style have likely:

  • Have Impulsive Behavior
  • Don’t indulge in Social Activities
  • Short Tempered or Have High Anger
  • Unable to maintain close connection with others because of failure of parent child connection
  • Mental Issues
  • Failed Relationships
  • Leads to Addiction Problems
  • Increased Suicide Attempts
Neglectful Parenting

Which Parenting Style is Most Recommended?

As per the above discussion, Authoritative Style is most recommended style as because of the outcomes from all the styles, but any of the styles can be used instead of Neglectful Parenting only. Hence, all styles are correct in anyway except the Neglectful one. For more detailed research please Visit

Conclusion Of Parenting Styles

As a result, find which style you are using, and improve it by your growing experience. These styles are researched from last many decades and results are mostly as expected. So according to our research Authoritative Style is the best style to raise our kids. At the same time there may be any other style correct as per your situation and case.

So just be happy with yours kids and live your life to the fullest.

Thanks for reading. So Don’t hesitate to give any suggestion or sharing any of your experience. Just Comment Below and we will be delighted.

Have a Good Day!

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