Kids Using Technology: Screen Time

“Use of Everything beyond its Limits is Dangerous: Be it Adults or Teens/Kids”, Same is with Screen time”

As per research, most of the parents are afraid for their kids because of use of technology and increased screen time by the kids. Many child specialists records the cases of kids depression because of use of smartphones, video games etc.

In research, Many says using these technology is not good for kids consequently they suffer from mental problems, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, some say its not bad for kids, they help to develop their brains and thinking ability. So, the point is who is right and who is wrong.

According to me, no one is fully wrong and right. As some points of all is right and some are wrong. So lets see, what is right and what is wrong according to me…! Explaining some of the Key points which effects the most in kids after using the technology.

Increased Screen Time Effects:


Sleeping has the direct connection with the usage of technology, and its not known fact for everyone. Overuse of these technologies and devices lead to lack of sleep in kids and adults as well. Yeah not only kids, adults also have wrong impact of overusing these devices. So, its only the myth that only kids have side effects.

Social Media plays the main role in spoiling the future of kids and teens is a saying but its not fully correct. They check for notifications in midnight as well whenever notification sounds. Hence, after waking up in midnight and checking the notifications and replying any chats its very difficult to go back to bed and sleep. Because they only think about what they talk about and seen in notification. So, keeping notification sounds on silent during night is the best way to complete the required sleep be it child, teen and adults. Consequently, Social Media can be a good source of knowledge rather being a spoiler.

Hence, the loss of sleep can effect the child’s behavior, focus, mood and all the activities in the next day. Furthermore, in some severe cases it leads to depression, anxiety and no sleep condition.

Vision Concern:

Second Foremost concern is Vision loss because of overuse of these devices. Just using them for playing games full day, chatting on Facebook, Instagram etc. leads to poor vision.

Parents should limit the time for using it rather than banning them to use for teens. Because using these devices for long times leads to Dry eyes problem as mentioned by many doctors in research. Dry eyes causes problem to children in focusing in school activities. As a result, kids suffer from nearsightedness and in severe cases it leads to farsightedness also.

So, Screen Time is not bad for vision if used in a limit by kids and adults as well. Hence, its important to set a time limit for use of smartphones and TV watching time as well.

Mental Health Problem:

Overuse of smartphones and video games leads to mental health problems. Research has shown the kids which play games all day in smartphones, tablets or computer, it effects the thinking process of kids. They Keep overthinking about the games when they are not playing as well. Hence, it results in lack of focus in school activities and decreases the time spent with Family & friends.

Most noteworthy is that some kids have been lead to death as well by playing games, for the whole day, on these devices. For instance, PUBG game is the trending game which is in news for taking deaths of kids and teens.

As per research, doctors have mentioned the depression & anxiety cases of kids and teens more then the adults in recent times. And Most of them are caused because of overuse of any of these devices.

Social Media here also have role to play. Many children are use to upload their special moments on Social Media and expect the likes, clicks and comments and when they don’t get them it leads to depression and anxiety. In some severe cases it leads to mood changes and suicide attempts. As per many studies, those children who uses these devices more than 3-4 hours have greater risk for these disorders.

There was one more game which leads to increase suicides of kids and teens, that was BLUE WHALE GAME. It was the most Dangerous Game as of now, and Parents carelessness resulted in many of the children indulged in it and many attempted Suicide. Hence, its the lesson for Parents that they should be aware of what their kids are doing when using these devices.

Physical Health Problems:

In the recent past decades, increased use of electronic devices has lead to decreased physical activities of kids and as a result they are not physically strong. Hence, today’s young generation is mostly going towards technology and lacking in mental & physical activities.

In the research its also found that who spends most of their time on these devices don’t go for outdoor activities and games. They don’t spend time with their friends and family and they are slowly going on the path where no one is there with them. As a result, they become the victim of Depression, Anxiety etc.

Some researchers have named this as addiction, and if we not stop them in beginning they can do anything with them infact they can harm themselves as well. Its same as with Drug addict, so we should not clearly stop them if they have become addicted to these devices. We should slowly and slowly decrease the time of using the technology and be with them to spend time.

Screen Time with Parents

Best way to control this situation and limit the time of using these devices is to spend time with them by sharing the screen time. Teach them on some learning apps so that they can spend time using phones and consequently in a good way. We can play video games with them but in a limit and can enjoy the screen and family time together. So that, risk of using the technology in the wrong way can be decreased.

Screen time With Parents

This will help us to become friends with our kids. As a result, they will share everything with us which will in return help us to keep them safe. So, start spending time with your kids and yeah don’t forget to play outdoor games as well with them. It makes them active and it will keep them away from overusing these electronic devices.

So, Don’t Panic if your kids are spending screen time. Just be with them and Enjoy…!

Conclusion: Is Screen Time Dangerous?

As per my research, its not dangerous if u limit the screen time of your kids. Everything which is overused is dangerous like if we eat more than we eat generally it will make u ill. Similarly, is with Technology if use in Limit it can do wonders and if overused it can harm you. So, just use them in limit and teach your kids also to use it as required.

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestion or any doubt don’t hesitate just comment below…!

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