Yoga Importance: Saviour of Modern Busy Life

Yoga Importance

“Today’s Busy Life really need to know the Yoga Importance”

Yoga is the one which is most important in today’s busy life and hectic schedule. Yoga is formation of physical, mental and inner peace hence, it affects our body, mind and soul in a good way.

As per research, 90% of people are suffering from stress and depression which is caused because of busy and hectic work schedule. Nowadays no one has time for themselves as they are busy in earning for their family. As a result, many of us have one or the other disease be it depression, sugar, arthritis etc.

Yoga asanas provides concentration, focus and healthy life which relieves you from the stress, anxiety and many more. Its a saying that if you do yoga in early morning you will be active whole day.

Factors that makes Yoga Importance


Yoga enhance your body flexibility. This is seen that who don’t do yoga have many back and poor posture problems. Because of Work schedule many of us uses to spend most of our time in front of computers and laptops. Hence, many suffer from back pain, poor body posture and fat increasing problems and the list is endless. By making Yoga a part of our life makes your muscles flexible so that they don’t flatten and cause pain.

If we teach our children to do Yoga from childhood only, the future youth generation will be free from all these ailments and will live a healthy life. Their muscles become flexible from childhood only which prevents them from arthritis, knee pain, back pains etc.

Yoga Importance for Children
Mother and child daughter doing yoga exercises on mat at home

So, be healthy make world Healthy.

Increases Strength:

Doctors these days suggest their patients to perform yoga daily. Its not just that you stop taking the medication, but yoga helps to heal more quickly. It relaxes your mind and provides you the stability. Yoga makes life more manageable.

As per study, new mothers are suggested to perform yoga daily because it helps to get back in their shape and maintain in future. Consequently yoga helps to become strengthen their body and recover from pregnancy weakness.

Yoga is not just exercise it provides muscle strength. Mostly, after 40 people loose their energy and strength and start taking energy pills and iron pills. As a result, they harm in long run and make muscles more weak in late ages. Hence, performing yoga after 40 also balance the fluctuating energy level and makes it stable which makes you active.

So in short, yoga plays a vital role in maintaining your strength and balancing your energy level. So, what to wait for start it from now onwards…!

Stable Mind:

Yeah right, yoga has a main role to play in stabling your mind and thoughts. Many case studies have shown, the ones who suffered from extreme depression and anxiety recovered very fast by performing meditation and yoga asanas. Meditation makes your brain relax and start thinking positively. Makes you self disciplined and most importantly it helps in increasing your IQ level as well. Yeah you read it right it helps you to increase your IQ level if you constantly performs meditation for long time.

Pranayamas enhances your focus and concentration power which helps to do your work accurately and fast. Focusing power helps us to focus the things while performing our tasks. One more thing, yoga also helps you look more attractive and enhance your looks as well. Yes, as you perform yoga daily it makes you look fresh and as a result look more attractive.

International Day: 21 June

Yoga has attained the international position on 21 June 2015 as this day was announced as “International Yoga Day” and all the arrangements was done by The Ministry of AYUSH in India. While, India’s Permanent Representative Asoke Mukherji introduced the draft resolution in the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 2014.

As per Wikipedia, 35,985 people, including Narendra Modi and dignitaries from 84 nations, performed 21 asanas (yoga postures) for 35 minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. The day was observed by millions across the world. NCC cadets entered the Limca Book of Records for the “largest yoga performance simultaneously by a single uniformed youth organisation” by performing at multiple venues. For more details please visit Wikipedia or Google search.

Yoga Importance: Conclusion

As per above discussion, yoga plays very important role in our life. We can be self disciplined, relaxed and active by performing yoga on daily basis. Just take out some time for it in morning from your busy schedule. It will not take much time of yours. Stay healthy, Be happy. Keep your Family Happy. Do participate and attend the upcoming International Yoga Day on 21 June 2019. See you in next blog. Thanks, and don’t hesitate if you have any doubts. Just Comment Below.

Do share this Yoga Importance to your Loved Once to keep them healthy too.

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